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vendredi 20 novembre 2015


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je revisite votre blog alors-même que j’interrogeais rapidement la toile au sujet d'une vieille affaire. Mon commentaire ne touchera pas exactement au fond de votre billet, sans toutefois - c'est mon opinion- en être très éloigné. De surcroît, le site d'où j'extrais l'information est assurément un site militant que l'on ne s'attend pas à voir figurer sur ce blog. J'espère que vous m'en excuserez. Cette vieille affaire ? MMR !

"Lewis notes that Godlee had been extremely officious in shortening, rewording and completely disallowing his letters intended for publication in the BMJ. At one point she’d even written a quote she attributed to Lewis: “I am not qualified in medicine or histopathology.” And because their contents were akin to what one would expect from a medical writer, not a media writer, he wonders if, in fact, it was someone other than Deer who actually wrote the BMJ articles attributed to him – was Godlee a ghostwriter for Deer?

Godlee’s alleged forged quote would be laughable if it weren’t so shockingly unethical. Dr Lewis is a former senior-level research microbiologist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) whose many accomplishments in medical and environmental research have been widely covered in professional, scientific and popular publications and broadcasts including the journals, Nature, Science, Lancet, and JAMA. He lost his job at the EPA in 2003 after his research forced the EPA to abandon its policy of promoting application of sewage sludge to farm land. Now, he states, “I live almost entirely on my federal retirement pension. For the last couple of decades, I have derived additional income as an expert witness in federal and state court cases involving the collection and examination of colonic biopsy samples. This is an area in which I have extensive professional credentials.” In a 2011 BMJ article, Deer described Lewis as a “self employed American microbiologist working with Wakefield.” To prevent him from uploading his extensive evidence re the Wakefield case to the NWC’s website, Brian Deer sent them this misinformation and more about Dr Lewis’ credentials.

Dr Lewis was not “working with Wakefield”. Rather, he initiated contact with Wakefield in his capacity as Director of the Research Misconduct Project. He states, “Since January 2011, I have worked full-time investigating Dr. Wakefield’s records on a volunteer basis, with no pay….He did not solicit my help. I requested copies of his court pleadings and other documents; he did not approach me and offer up any of his documents.” "

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