Des agences de communication contactent les auteurs pour soi-disant valoriser leurs articles !

Je n'ai pas d'expérience de ces pratiques d'agences de communications, mais j'ai vu quelques auteurs se faire avoir. Quel est le principe ? Vous êtes auteur d'un article scientifique et suite à votre publication, vous recevez des sollicitations alléchantes pour mieux diffuser vos travaux. Quelles propositions ?

En général, ces agences publient des magazines électroniques très bien faits, qui sont 'gratuits', qui sont peut-être téléchargés, voire lus !!!! Le format papier est aussi proposé, mais plus cher, et pour qui ? Ces agences proposent de réécrire votre manuscrit sur une ou deux pages pour un public plus large, avec une excellente mise en page. La source est citée, tout est légal. Donc vous bossez pour eux, car ils vous interviewent, vous font parfois écrire, en général relire…   Et quand est tout terminé, juste avant de mettre en ligne, vous recevez une facture pour le service. J'ai vu un chercheur payer finalement 3 000 £ car il avait fait tout le boulot ; je ne sais pas s'il a été satisfait de la diffusion ultérieure de sont travail. Mais ce genre de modèle peut séduire des chercheurs (surtout les riches ?).

Quand je suis sollicité, je réponds que c'est super et je demande les coûts. Research Outreach (voir ci-dessous) m'a répondu : 'The cost is £1780.00 sterling. Or £870.00 for the digital only version.'…. 'Our outreach is global, the hard copy of the publication goes out to just over 110,000 readers worldwide, and audience of fellow academics, policymakers, government figures, NGO's, stakeholders, funding agencies, people working in colleges and universities and also the lay public. We are located in over 2500 libraries across the globe. The online platforms we guarantee a minimum of 150,000 impressions most reach far higher numbers per article. I have attached a copy of a recent impact report that we provide for each article we create which will give you a good idea of outreach.'


Voici des extraits de deux sollicitations :

Dear Dr. Maisonneuve,

Please excuse the direct nature of this contact, however I would like to speak with you regarding your work on xxxxxxx   Research Outreach work in collaboration with research teams assisting with their Public Outreach activity, through means of a professionally produced series of publications and articles aimed at a broader audience. I understand Public Outreach is a very important issue within the research community – where it is often difficult to obtain large numbers of views and interactions.

We are currently working on our March 2020 edition. This publication will feature a wide variety of science disciplines, including approximately 28 research articles. We would like you to be one of those featured. My suggestion is that we might create a new article, possibly covering some basic details of the published paper I have seen online, or indeed, covering new ground or the wider scope of your work. This would be an entirely new article written and developed by Research Outreach, in close collaboration with you.

Research Outreach distributes all content, publications and your individual article, across major Social Media platforms, as well as our own website. Your work will be seen by a large and quantifiable global audience. We work with all academics on a non-profit making level, all content we produce is free to share and can be downloaded by any reader. Our website is entirely transparent and answers any questions you may have. I have briefly looked over the details of your work and believe Research Outreach to be an effective platform to communicate your outreach requirements.

We publish under the Creative Commons Licence and you will own the copyright to your published material, and we can send you a separate PDF download, to be used on your web-page, at events, conferences, or as outreach material for students etc. Please have a look at our website for examples of the publications we produce and further detail on our objectives and services:

I can assure you the entire process requires very little work on your part, less than 1 hour, over a 10-week process. Some of the services we provide are paid for, this means there is a cost to you if you decide to take part. I would be delighted to explain this and our editorial process. I understand your time is limited. Rather than writing any further detail, could we please find 5 minutes to discuss? During our call, I can answer any questions you may have and explain in detail the requirements and cost for taking part and of course the benefits of doing so.

Thank you in advance,

Dear Dr. Maisonneuve,

My name is xxxxx and I am working with Science Animated. I have seen some of your details online connected to a research study and thought our animated research videos could be useful to you in the future. The study is xxxxxxxx.

We are a small creative agency who work directly with research teams internationally to provide a resource which aids research impact and outreach activity. Here is our website which provides lots of information, and our gallery of examples:

Science Animated cover a wide range of topics and produce content which is applicable to a variety of different use cases. From a simple project explainer, training and educational material, animations which accompany published papers – increasing altmetric scores, to many other types of usage.

Some of the use cases for such animations include: Video Abstract – Production of an animation which accompanies a published paper. Video is proven to increase uptake of scholarly papers; Project explainer – A powerful social media tool which can reach out to a mass audience with traceable results. Extremely popular tool for government funded project investigators; Educational and Training videos – 3D medical animations, class room tools and many other uses in this area; Complex commercial R&D explainer – Using animation to explain complex techniques or processes to targeted audiences

May I ask, have you considered producing animated content to better help promote your work? If so, I would be delighted to talk. I have some free time next week, if you have 5-minute spare to discuss.

Thank you, and all the best with your important work.

Kind Regards


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