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mardi 07 avril 2020


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Je remercie infiniment N Kluger qui a eu la bonne démarche, à savoir contacter les auteurs. Il m'a permis de reproduire leur réponse pour vous faire votre idée :

Lähettäjä: joob beuy
Lähetetty: torstai 7. toukokuuta 2020 13.26
Vastaanottaja: Kluger Nicolas
Aihe: Re: Case in the JAAD and Rheumato Int. 2020 about COVID-19 and Dengue

Dear Nicolas,
How are you? I and my co-author, prof wiwanitkit, feel glad to have direct communication and question from you. Since I see that many readers have share the data on socia media and some mention that the two reports are from the same cases. But social media is not the scientific reference and I think the reply or comments corresponding to the scientific standard commentary is a better and standard way. I did not reply to any comments on social.
For your note, I and my team has many works on the new diseases.
Many new reports have many impacts from both socials and scientific community.
At least 3 (including the issues you discuss with me) get many social comment and some are local government related notes regarding the attempt to control the data on disease into any media. In case that there is any standard scientific exchange via journal, I replied to all (I think you also see another report from my team on hydroxychloroquien and SLE published on Ann Rhum Dis that attract a lot responses from our friends from around the world).

Nevertheless, I state that the we , me and my senior professor, feel very to share with you and if you write any correspondences on the two reports on any other article ciitng the two reports, it is ok.
For the 2 cases, the cases are different cases but the things that might lead the misinterpretation is 1. both cases lead to misinterpretation as dengue and 2 the same date of submission.
For the details of the cases, as I already noted to you , the presentation of the two cases are not the same, "only skin rash" and "only arthralgia". Therefore, this is a basic reason that we do not submit the two cases in the same report. We submit the report based on interesting new clinical finding to specific journal on that specialty. You can imagine if a report on joint pain is submitted to a dermatology journal, is it fit with the scope of the journal and this is the same concern on anoher case. The main aims of reporting is giving data for increased awareness of clinical practice in any specialist and practitioner on the wide spectrum of COVID-19.
Please note that our main specialty is puublic health and tropical medicine which works on general issues of diseases. Indeed, the articles are prepared on differeent days but the senior professor, co-author had approved the work on the same day that I submit the work. So it is not possible to cite each other into any article since it is not a published article.
About these issues on dengue and COVID-19, my senior co-authors is already invited from a virology journal to write a review on this specific issue that recieved attention from global medical community.
I also write the ersonnal letter directly to Editor in chief of both journals on the issue in social media.

Look forward to have a future chance to communicate or have an academic/scientific collaboration with you.

Thats all.

Pierre Rimbaud

Ne devraient-ils pas plutôt blacklister leurs reviewers et rédacteurs en chef, au lieu de faire porter le chapeau à des "auteurs" inexistants ?
On a les auteurs qu'on mérite, et le coupable de cette gabegie commerciale pour vendre du papier est l'éditeur, qui ne fait pas son métier.
Ne pourrait-on enfin avoir des règlements internationaux coercitifs en la matière, avec des procédures de certification exigeantes, et des amendes dissuasives ?
Pierre Rimbaud

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